For this activity, I used Flourish to construct a data visualization. The visualization I created can be seen here:

Intra-American Slave Trade graphic

My first Flourish visualization

I used information from the website’s Intra-American Slave Trade Database to visualize the number of enslaved people embarked on intra-American slave trade voyages compared to the number of enslaved people disembarked on those voyages in 25-year intervals from 1601 to 1800. I used a bar/column chart for this visualization because I thought the comparison between the total number embarked and the total number disembarked on vessels carrying enslaved people throughout the Americas. As can be seen by the side-by-side comparison, the fewer people disembarked on voyages in general than embarked. There is not a significant decrease, however, and the fates of the people who didn’t get to disembark is unknown — they could have died or even escaped. There is another conclusion one can reach with this visualization, however; ever since 1626, it appears that the number of slaves embarked and disembarked on intra-American voyages steadily increase as time goes on, reaching a stark peak during the interval from 1776-1800.